Customer Story

Aviture transformed their employee onboarding and IT support processes with Eden's internal helpdesk


Aviture prioritizes employee satisfaction and transparency

A software consultancy based in Omaha, Aviture is among a growing number of companies that are quietly transforming Midwestern cities into what is affectionately known as the “Silicon Prairie.” Much like tech giants in San Francisco and New York, Aviture has talented engineers, offers catered lunch and beer on tap, and even runs an in-house startup incubator.

The physical office space is homey, and quirks like a Lego Star Destroyer in the center of the developer area reinforce the friendly feel of the workplace. But beyond the perks, the team at Aviture is leading by example by building a world-class company culture, and Eden has become an integral tool for improving employee satisfaction and internal transparency.

After joining Aviture in May 2019, IT System Specialist Aaron Hackworth identified aspects of the company culture that needed improvement, specifically their employee onboarding experience and internal ticketing system. Employees rarely submitted tickets using the existing helpdesk took, instead choosing to direct message the IT team on Slack. The onboarding process needed a major overhaul to provide more structure to employees in their first few days.


With requests, it felt like the Wild West. It didn’t feel organized at all. I was sick and tired of getting direct messages from people and then forgetting what they messaged me about. I wanted to alleviate that pressure off of myself, and also improve internal organization and communication.

Those projects, combined with initiatives to update company servers and improve digital security standards, meant that staying on top of IT requests became a challenge for Aaron.

Aaron saw an opportunity to “implement a really badass ticketing system.” That’s when he proposed using Eden to handle all employee requests. For Aaron, the tool’s biggest selling point was its integration with Slack, which “lessened the barrier of taking people out of their workflow.”


Most employees are using Slack so it was a no-brainer.

The other key benefit to Aaron and his team was “having a central repository of information so someone else could step in when I wasn’t available.” Aaron knew that Eden would improve employee satisfaction because it was much simpler than their previous helpdesk. As a result, it would help him perform his job better.

When Aaron introduced Eden to Aviture’s CTO, Jerry Koske, he was impressed by the tool's simplicity. As the leader of an engineering-driven company, Jerry and his team value elegant solutions to problems. "When we develop solutions at Aviture, simple is hard. Eden does that in spades."

Jerry felt confident in rolling out Eden to his team of over 90 developers because the tool’s design complemented the company’s principles. He noted that Aviture’s culture “is very non-bureaucratic, and the tool feels non-bureaucratic.” He also saw the benefits that Eden would provide as Aviture expanded geographically (Aviture is coming soon to Austin!), since the tools can help manage a distributed workforce.

Aaron announced Eden at an all-company meeting and saw encouraging results.


People set up their accounts and on day 1 we had about a 50% success rate of people signing up, which is pretty cool for a company of 100 people.

Now that employees could submit requests through Slack, ticket volume increased dramatically, just as Aaron had predicted. By the time the company had fully adopted Eden, Aviture saw a 300% increase in ticket volume.

Jerry and Aaron recognized that Eden's employee helpdesk could address needs beyond IT. Eden also helped transform Aviture’s employee onboarding process. Today at Aviture, when a new employee comes onboard, the workplace team creates an onboarding ticket for themselves with a preset checklist of to-dos to ensure the new employee has a great first day at work. From setting up their desk to ordering equipment writing a handwritten welcome note, they track each step in Eden and collaborators can monitor progress in a central place.

Aaron has also begun using the Items & Assets tool to track equipment like loaner laptops. Even with the increased volume of employee requests, Aaron feels more organized and is able to communicate with employees about their needs with ease.


It’s a night and day difference in terms of employee communication and engagement.

In addition to empowering teams like Aaron’s who support other employees, Eden has a lasting impact on employee experience as well. Aviture’s Marketing and Culture Coordinator, Melanie Kronn, recounted how, “before, it was Slack pings and post-it notes. Eden has made a huge difference in terms of transparency.” Melanie now receives progress notifications in Slack whenever she submits tickets to the IT and Workplace teams.

With a better internal request system, Aaron has been able to broaden his responsibilities and take on more initiatives to improve employee culture and engagement at Aviture–—including serving as bartender for New Hire Happy Hours. But technology is still what drives Aaron to progress in his role.


One of my mantras is to make technology easy for people. With a lot of the tools I’ve implemented—and Eden is one—I’m able to be really successful in that.