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Everyone has a story about work—not about their job, but about what happens in the office. Like that time your coworker cheated on his girlfriend at happy hour, or you accidentally messaged your boss...about how much you hate your boss. What’s Working isn’t career advice or thought leadership, it’s the stories about work you hear over drinks with friends. Every Monday, join host Emily Hebner as she uncovers true stories to get you through your work week.

Season 1 episodes

What’s Working is a podcast about what happens in the office—and we don’t mean work.

01: We met at work

Can you be ghosted by someone you see every day… at work?

02: The office bathroom

Every office has a bathroom, but it’s not always a place of solitude.

03: Is this my job?

Figuring out the do’s and don’t’s of a first job is difficult.

04: Crying at work is in now

Shedding tears in the office is more common than you think.

05: You aren't making my job easier

A boss can either make or break your experience at your job.

06: I could do this job in my sleep

If you dream big at work, you should probably do it with your eyes open.

07: I think we got our wires crossed

There's a reason 'Strong communication skills' is listed as a job requirement.

08: What was the question?

Interviews are either completely successful or embarrassingly awful.

09: When office space gets personal

Office spaces don't always support your productivity.

10: Putting the party in holiday party

Work parties are a time to celebrate—but sometimes they spin out of control.

These stories are great - perfectly bite sized. Very fun to hear how many crazy things happen at work all the time.
Five Star Review
Loving the topics of this show. Found myself thinking 'I relate' to a lot of the convos. Excited to hear more!
Five Star Review

About the host

Emily Hebner is the Content Marketing Manager at Eden and host of the What’s Working podcast. Prior to Eden, Emily worked in many roles including teacher, consultant, accountant, and operations manager and has proudly been fired three times in her career. As someone with an eclectic and unusual work background, Eden found her perfectly suited to host the podcast that shares eclectic and unusual work stories.

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