Employee Helpdesk

Manage employee needs with ease

Collect, organize, and complete employee requests with an easy-to-use HR helpdesk.


How it works

Collect employee needs

Automatically assign tickets to team members and add labels to stay organized.

Collaborate on tickets

Provide status updates to employees and leave private notes for admin users.

Track team productivity

Resolve tickets and review performance metrics to create a happier office.

Save time on employee support

Automate your ticketing process so there's no more back and forth over email—and you can focus on your next big project.

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    Auto-assign tickets to team members

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    Build standard forms for common requests

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    Send live updates on tickets through Slack or email

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    Create recurring tickets for frequent projects

The internal helpdesk employees love

Designed with team happiness in mind. Let your employees create tickets the way they prefer to work.


Type /Q in any channel to submit a ticket and receive live updates from our Slack app.


Give employees their own online dashboard where they can create and keep track of tickets.

Measure your impact

Use activity reports to track team performance, identify patterns, and anticipate office needs.

See how other teams use the Employee Helpdesk

Eden allows me to better anticipate and address employee needs.
Kelsey, Operations Manager
I start and end every day in the ticket dashboard to organize and prioritize my workflow.
Caleb, Efficiency Coordinator

Say goodbye to taps on the shoulder

Support your company with an internal helpdesk built for workplace teams.